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Strong Barbell Club is home to the best strength training coaches in Kansas City. If you're looking to be a better powerlifter, olympic weightlifter, bodybuilder or strongman, look no further.

The team offers one-on-one training along with nutrition coaching. If you are interested, please reach out so we can help you.

Meet the Team


Ethan Harak Strong Barbell Olympic Weightlifting Coach
Ethan Harak is an Olympic Weightlifter specializing in the snatch and clean and jerk. Ethan has competed for the USA twice internationally and has been ranked 2nd in the USA in the 109kg division. Ethan is married to Lauren Harak and dad to Lola the Great Dane and Atticus the Pit Bull.


JP Price Powerlifting Coach Strong Barbell Club

J.P. Price is a powerlifter, strongman and coach who has totaled 2,364lbs in sleeves and wraps. J.P. is one of two people in the world that has squatted over 1,000lbs and bench pressed over 600lbs in a powerlifting meet. He once held the all-time world record total in sleeves at 2,364lbs. J.P. is one of the two owners of Strong Barbell Club. He is a father of two boys, Jack and Jay.


Kade Proctor Powerlifting Coach Strong Barbell Club

Kade Proctor is a powerlifter currently ranked #7 all-time in the 125kg/275lb weight class. He has totaled 2,149 lbs raw after only powerlifting for 3 years. Kade also started in natural bodybuilding, where he has competed in 4 shows over the course of 4 years. He trains/programs powerlifting, bodybuilding or general population clients as well as provides 1-on-1 nutrition for clients.


Marshall Purtee Powerlifting Coach Strong Barbell Club

Marshall Purtee holds a masters degree in exercises physiology from the University of Central Missouri. With 12 years of training under his belt and 6 years of coaching, Marshall knows what it takes to help others get better. As a memeber of the Strong Barbell Club staff he is training for powerlifting and strength.


Micah Allenn Bodybuilding Coach Strong Barbell Club

Micah Allenn is an active IPE Pro Bikini Competitor, and has competed multiple times. With 5 years of experience as a CPT & FNS Micah specializes in training any and all women to be the best they can possibly be.

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